The Destruction of Oroukin's House

....... Date to be announced.........

...look for DeTox to play it's first LIVE show sometime in November. It will be approximately an hour long. The show will be on Roseway Boulevard in Park Meadows.


Duct Tape-DeTox
Society- Pennywise
A. Muzzy I hate you-DeTox
Welcome to Paradise-Green Day
Die Die My Darling-Metallica
Girl of my dreams-Detox
When I Come Around-Green Day
F.O.D.-Green Day
I Won't Fuck Up-Detox
Spoiled Brat-Detox
Brainstew-Green Day
Free Fallin-Tom Petty
Back to School-Detox
Last Caress-Misfits
Bro Hymn-Pennywise

[by the time of the show the songs and order they're played may change]