Spoiled Brat

You got a brand new car
You got a brand new ring
Mommy and Daddy buy you everything
It doesn't come easy to those that have to earn
One of these days you're gonna have to learn

Nothin' but Nothin' but
Nothin' but a spoiled brat

Who needs money when you've got mom and dad?
Anything you want is what you've always had
Never had a job
Never earned your cash
It's always been handed to your spoiled ass

We Hate You

I hate to tell you this
The sight of you makes me sick
You keep away from me
And I will be happy
You tell us that we suck
Do you think we give a fuck
We think you are trash
Take your beliefs up the ass

I hate you
I fuckin hate you

Your chest if flat as a man
I'd rather have sex with my hand
We think you're fuckin' gay
You're having sex with Dante
I hope you both fuckin die
That would be really nice
I hope that you see
It's the last time you fuck with me

I hate you
I fuckin hate you

I hate to look at your face
I think you're a disgrace
We think you're a bitch
I wont to have your ass kicked
We all think that you suck
I want to hit you with a truck
I can't ever like you
That's why I wrote this for you

Duct Tape Rules

Holds ourmics up
Keeps them there
We love duct tape
And we don't care

Duct Tape Kicks ass
Duct Tape Rules
We use duct tape
It's so cool

Tie you up with
My duct tape
You can't move now
Can't escape

Duct Tape Kicks ass
Duct Tape Rules
We use duct tape
It's so cool

Use my duct tape
To fix my car
It works all right now
Should get me far

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