I can honestly say that you will find the most 311 sounds here in my page. I have searched the web and here is what I have. But I am ALWAYS adding more so please keep checking back often. Well Enjoy.

Real Audio

All RE-Mixed Up:
Nick says HOLA:
Nix Hex:
Chad's 3 Minute Solo:
123 *LIVE*:
Visit *LIVE*:
Who's Got The Herb *LIVE*:
Don't Let Me Down *LIVE*:
Lucky *LIVE*:
Taiyed *LIVE*:
Do You Right *LIVE*:

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311 Midi's

T & P Combo:
Let The Cards Fall:
"Nod your head to this":
Eddy Offord:
P-Nut on the KKK:
Who's hotter. P-nut or anna nicole smith?:
"Let the tape roll":
Nick on politics:
"Cross this line you die":
Nick on Voting:
Tim gets mean:

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